About The Vinkor Winery


We are a family winery and that is what affects our wine making in every aspect. From the cultivation of our vineyards, through the selection of top-quality resources to the processing and production of wine. We concentrate on cultivating wine grape varieties that are most suited for the local soil and climate conditions. For the production of our wines we prefer grapes grown in the Small Carpathians as vine grown in this region has more variations and is fuller in taste.

Being a family winery means making decisions as a family. Our priority are long term goals made for decades ahead. Investing in technologies was one of these decisions. The quality of our wines is highly emphasized by the technology of driven fermentation. Produced wines have typical varietal character, are light, dry, fresh, clean in taste with delicate acids and gentle flavour of the Small Carpathian soil.

There are many amazing places in the world where people wish to live. Small Carpathians have been such a place for our family for generations. These mountains are the place where the unspoiled beauty of nature unites with the hard work of vineyards labourers. It is where the best grapes are ripened for wines of the highest quality such as ours from the Vinkor Winery.

“A person with increasing knowledge and sensory education may derive infinite enjoyment from wine.”  – Ernest Hemingway